Tuesday, July 3, 2012

To My Great King

 To father of GNH
Came down from haven,
Riding little raven,
He came down like a dawn,
And brightened every town,
He didn’t have any season,
To bless the entire region,

For his entire journey,
He has bought harmony,
His judgment was so fair,
This left us with no fear,
Sacrifices that he made,
Has gave lots of friends at gate,

His Moto of nation first,
Has helped us clearing thirst,
His love for every child,
Has gave us will to ignore wild,
Guidance which he showed to us,
Has made us always stay focus,

On the land that we stand,
Was so lame full of sand,
He brought the broom of true integrity
And cleaned the real impurity,
Land got the real dignity,
And we experienced the real unity,

Now it’s time  to show the trait,
To serve our nation without deceit,
For you have been always kind,
Made us feel the peace we find,
For all those sweats which you’ve shed
To make us live in greatest shade,

I reside you in all my prayer,
For always being a greatest flare,
I feel lucky to be born here,
Want to thank in Crystal clear,
With my body I want to bow,
And say that my life is to you I owe,

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Disaster The Third World War

It is true that we have to face problems throughout our life and there is No way to avoid them. We cannot avoid diseases, old age, death and disaster like earthquake, fires and the outcome of the wars but we can surely prevent it. Disasters in today’s generation are wars, land slide, soil erosion and mostly diseases, caused as a result of population growth and the outcome of climate change.

However the earthquakes, tsunamis and outcomes of global warming are caused by man, directly or indirectly according to their worldly understanding of life. Some of the problems are mind made resulting from, discrimination, ignorance suspicions and fear.

Today’s world is full of disappointment, as things do not happen as we wish to. We accept unsatisfactory experiences because we understand the nature of life that things cannot always work in our favor. This creates the doubts in one’s mind.

As a result people started destroying the nature earth and brought out many new techniques that made this world like heaven, by building bridges, constructing roads, tall buildings and bringing up many new designs of cars and many other equipments which make human work easy with less effort of energy, to make them self comfortable and they were successful and we do enjoy that without having any hesitations.

If we absorb it with other eye, the world seen through the other eye is like, people develop very unhealthy attitudes that creates jealousy, enmity, hatred which then turns into violence, that is how undisciplined people have turned the whole world into a battle fields, at the either side, global warming and ozone layer depilation has caused many other disaster in many parts of the world.

Those who can remain cheerful during difficult times are admirable and become a source of inspiration to others. Every person is responsible for making a better world by planting a seeds of patience, love and honesty deeply in the humans heart. One should always remember that the mark of great people lies in how they face daily irritations with equality, and the patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.

Today we can see enormous amount of welfare work done by many organizations, this social welfare workers are trying to reduce human problems but their contribution can reduce only certain problems, they solve problems by providing shelter and revenue whenever other is very much in need.

Although we cannot predict what will happen to us in the future, we need not worry about it unnecessarily, because whenever certain difficulties and disaster arise there are various ways and means for us to strengthen our mind to reduce our mental annoys and fear because it is just a reflection of our own deed. After the disasters occur we always blame the world, but I personally feel that “it is not something is wrong with the world, but something is wrong with us which we never accept.  And I would like to say that life is like a motion picture in which everything is constantly moving and changing, nothing in the world is permanent or still.