Tuesday, July 3, 2012

To My Great King

 To father of GNH
Came down from haven,
Riding little raven,
He came down like a dawn,
And brightened every town,
He didn’t have any season,
To bless the entire region,

For his entire journey,
He has bought harmony,
His judgment was so fair,
This left us with no fear,
Sacrifices that he made,
Has gave lots of friends at gate,

His Moto of nation first,
Has helped us clearing thirst,
His love for every child,
Has gave us will to ignore wild,
Guidance which he showed to us,
Has made us always stay focus,

On the land that we stand,
Was so lame full of sand,
He brought the broom of true integrity
And cleaned the real impurity,
Land got the real dignity,
And we experienced the real unity,

Now it’s time  to show the trait,
To serve our nation without deceit,
For you have been always kind,
Made us feel the peace we find,
For all those sweats which you’ve shed
To make us live in greatest shade,

I reside you in all my prayer,
For always being a greatest flare,
I feel lucky to be born here,
Want to thank in Crystal clear,
With my body I want to bow,
And say that my life is to you I owe,

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